One Word Substitutions

102 Important: One Word Substitutions
1. One who is out to subvert a government: Anarchist
2. One who is recovering from illness: Convalescent
3. One who is all powerful: Omnipotent
4. One who is present everywhere: Omnipresent
5. One who knows everything: Omniscient
6. One who is easily deceived: Gullible
7. One who does not make mistakes: Infallible
8. One who can do anything for money: Mercenary
9. One who has no money: Pauper
10. One who changes sides: Turncoat
11. One who works for free: Volunteer
12. One who loves books: Bibliophile
13. One who can speak two languages: Bilingual
14. One who loves mankind: Philanthropist
15. One who hates mankind: Misanthrope
16. One who looks on the bright side of things: Optimist
17. One who looks on the dark side of things: Pessimist
18. One who doubts the existence of god: Agnostic
19. One who pretends to be what he is not: Hypocrite
20. One incapable of being tired: Indefatigable
21. One who helps others Good: Samaritan
22. One who copies from other: writers Plagiarist
23. One who hates women: Misogynist
24. One who knows many languages: Polyglot
25. One who is fond of sensuous pleasures: Epicure
26. One who thinks only of himself: Egoist
27. One who thinks only of welfare of women: Feminist.
28. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain: Stoic
29. One who is quite like a woman: Effeminate
30. One who has strange habits: Eccentric
31. One who speaks less: Reticent
32. One who goes on foot: Pedestrian
33. One who believes in fate: Fatalist
34. One who dies without a Will: Intestate
35. One who always thinks himself to be ill: Valetudinarian
36. A Government by the people: Democracy
37. A Government by a king or queen: Monarchy
38. A Government by the officials: Bureaucracy
39. A Government by the rich: Plutocracy
40. A Government by the few: Oligarchy
41. A Government by the Nobles: Aristocracy
42. A Government by one: Autocracy
43. Rule by the mob: Mobocracy
44. That through which light can pass: Transparent
45. That through which light cannot pass: Opaque
46. That through which light can partly pass: Translucent
47. A sentence whose meaning is unclear: Ambiguous
48. A place where orphans live: Orphanage
49. That which cannot be described: Indescribable
50. That which cannot be imitated: Inimitable
51. That which cannot be avoided: Inevitable
52. A position for which no salary is paid: Honorary
53. That which cannot be defended: Indefensible
54. Practice of having several wives: Polygamy
55. Practice of having several husbands: Polyandry
56. Practice of having one wife or husband: Monogamy
57. Practice of having two wives or husbands: Bigamy
58. That which is not likely to happen: Improbable
59. People living at the same time: Contemporaries
60. A book published after the death of its author: Posthumous
61. A book written by an unknown author: Anonymous
62. A life history written by oneself: Autobiography
63. A life history written by somebody else: Biography
64. People who work together: Colleagues
65. One who eats too much: Glutton
66. That which cannot be satisfied: Insatiable
67. One who questions everything: Cynic
68. A flesh eating animal: Carnivorous
69. A grass eating animal: Herbivorous
70. One who lives in a foreign country: Immigrant
71. To transfer one's authority to another: Delegate
72. One who is a newcomer: Neophyte
73. That which is lawful: Legal
74. That which is against law: Illegal
75. One who is unmarried: Celibate
76. A game in which no one wins: Draw
77. A study of man: Anthropology
78. A study of races: Ethnology
79. A study of the body: Physiology
80. A study of animals: Zoology
81. A study of birds: Ornithology
82. A study of ancient things: Archaeology
83. A study of derivation of words: Etymology
84. Murder of a human being: Homicide
85. Murder of a father: Patricide
86. Murder of a mother: Matricide
87. Murder of an brother: Fratricide
88. Murder of an infant: Infanticide
89. Murder of self: Suicide
90. Murder of the king: Regicide
91. To free somebody from all blame: Exonerate
92. To write under a different name: Pseudonym
93. A thing no longer in use: Obsolete
94. A handwriting that cannot be read: Illegible
95. Words written on the tomb of a person: Epitaph
96. One who is greedy for money: Avaricious
97. Something that cannot be imitated: Inimitable
98. One who doesn't know how to read and write: Illiterate
99. A person's peculiar habit: Idiosyncrasy
100. An animal who preys on other animals: Predator
101. Violating the sanctity of a church: Sacrilege
102. One who can throw his voice: Ventriloquist

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